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Antony gives me the means to achieve my goals
How are your workouts going? in Anthony?

Before the Tokyo Olympics, the athletics track was under construction. I trained on that of Verrières-Le-Buisson which is 200 meters away. But since October, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to practice my sport on a brand new track. I am part of a group of a dozen runners.

We take advantage of the covered hall to do our warm-ups, sheltered from the cold and bad weather. The place also keeps us warm and hurts us less. When the muscles are awake, we go outside to start the session. In the middle of a race, the new tartan gives me a feeling of speed which helps me to work on my positioning and my strides.

You wear
club colors
from Antony for 4 years…

However, it is not near my home since I live in Paris in the 14th arrondissement. I chose to train here, with Vincent Clarico but also with the group. The atmosphere is family and very pleasant. All the athletes help each other, give each other advice. The stadium also allows me to do everything in one place: bodybuilding, endurance in the parks, sprint on the track…

This place and this club give me the means to achieve my goals. I want to keep my title for Paris 2024 and I know that it will have an even stronger symbolism because I would have won this medal at home. If international athletes could come and train here, they would undoubtedly make young people want to discover sport and flourish like me.


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