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The Georges Suant complex is one of the best in France.
What changes the use of sensors in your workouts?

The track was reopened during the winter season. We have therefore not yet been able to exploit the full potential of the sensors and the overspeed lane. But I can’t wait to use them! I could collect objective data on my athletes, in real time. All the important parameters of a race will be transmitted to me: amplitude, stride, frequency, speed…

Before, I used video but that imposed downtime for the athlete and myself. And then it lacked precision. With this application, I would have an immediate restitution of these elements and an in situ exchange with the athlete. We can correct details much more easily.

Why prepare for the Olympic Games
in Anthony?

The City is located very close to Paris and has infrastructures that allow all athletics specialists to train easily. The room of weight training, the covered hall, the overspeed lane and the sensors make the Georges Suant stadium one of the best sports centers in France.

Green spaces such as Parc de Sceaux and Parc Heller are ideal places for strolling.decals for jogging or endurance sessions. The proximity to the Pajeaud aquatic center offers a significant alternative for the athlete recovery. The private hospital of Antony has experts and specialized sports equipment. Sports service agents are also accustomed to organizing major competitions and therefore know how to manage the arrival of delegations or recognized athletes. what do you want more ?


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